I.Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined. Read the words out loud.

  1. A. new                                  B. sew                           C. few                         D. knew

2.A. noon                                B. tool                         C. blood                      D. spoon

  1. A. plays                                B. looks                          C. wants                      D. helps
  2. A. decided                                B. played                  C. listened                   D. enjoyed
  3. A. feed                                     B. heat                       C. meat                        D. pleasure

II.Choose the words whose main stressed syllable is different from the rest.

1.A. generous B. suspicious C. constancy               D. sympathy

2.A. acquaintance                   B. unselfish                 C. attraction                D. humorous

  1. A. logical B. success                    C. incapable                D. sincere

4.A. carefully                          B. correctly                 C. seriously                 D. personally

5.A. excited                            B. interested                C. confident                D. memorable

  1. A. effective B. natural                    C. atmosphere             D. plentiful
  2. A. solution  B.increasing               C. recommend             D. abundant
  3. A. develop B. enormous                C. improvement          D. different
  4. A. energy B. volunteer                C. dangerous               D. countryside
  5. A. referee B. cigarette                  C. interfere                  D. convenient



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